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Resume: A Diamond in the Rough

– A Guide For Seeking Jobs –

By Executive Employment Recruiter,


Jane Kolar

Robert Meier is a nationally known job coach and career author with over 20 years experience leading a team of counselors as they supported more than 5,000 clients including hundreds of CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, EVPs as well as middle management clients from a variety of industries successfully assisting them through their job transitions.


Some of the job seeker resource books Robert Meier has written:

  • The Worlds Greatest Resumes,Ten Speed Press (10 Best career books – LA Times)
  • Wrote Red Hot! Cover Letters, Lightspeed Press, 2007
  • Wrote Red Hot! Interviewing Techniques & Salary Negotiations, Lightspeed Press, 2009
  • Job in a Box Career Kit, marketed by Baker & Taylor and Amazon.

Robert has recently previewed of some key points that are crucial to seeking jobs and winning the game of career success.


What is the most important part of the employment process? 


Robert claims that the resume is the heart of the job search. “Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the resume is a bland two dimensional document that really doesn’t represent you.

Ninety-eight percent of job candidates are eliminated at the resume screening.  You may be the best presenter in the world or have the greatest accomplishments but if they are not proven or defined in the resume, you won’t even get a chance to present yourself in an interview.  “Your resume must prove your accomplishments and show that you are a unique product on the job market to potential employers and employment recruiters alike.”

In Robert’s words, the most effective resume is a “Wow Resume”.   A “WOW Resume” communicates what makes the person unique and defines how their contributions tied not only to their level of responsibility but to the greater corporation as a whole.  You should be able to see how you impact your business unit and how that impacts the enterprise.  It should be written in a concise and direct manner so that it’s brief.  Any sense of confusion is the kiss of death and “grounds for disposal.”

Project managers often just list projects on their resumes telling the reader what was done but leaving out the “how” to the result and then leaving out the proof and significance of the result or impact it had on the company or the project.


Robert says that you need to ask yourself, “What is my 10 carat diamond accomplishment?  Most people don’t differentiate themselves. It takes 2 tons of dirt to come up with a one-carat diamond.”

Robert Meier’s specialty is doing just that with job candidates.


What does it take to get an interview

with a decision maker

(employment rectruiter or hiring manager)?


He says, “You can’t just be a good performer to get a job offer, you have to be an exceptional performer.  You can’t be the top 20% of the candidate pool. You have to be the top 1% of the candidate pool.” Robert shared an old business rule, the 80-20 rule; our best staff is our top 20% and they produce 80% of the revenue stream. If you were only going to be as good as the top 20%, that wouldn’t be good enough. A job that pays $100K usually gets 300 – 500 applicants for a particular job. If the employer gets 300 applicants, he will only call in only 3-5 candidates. That means your resume has to beat 99% of the competition meaning that you would have to be in the top one percent. You have to stand out from your peers when seeking a job.

Would you say that November/December/January is a terrible time to search for a job?  November/December/January is a great time to look for a job according to Robert. “Most companies work on the fiscal year. The job seeking cycle is submitting your resume, getting screening phone calls and going in for interviews with employers and employment rectruiters.   Because many companies add head count at the beginning of the year since their budget dollars have just been released, January/February/March are the times to add staff.”  According to Robert, decision makers are more laid back at the holiday season while in the office and take the time on the phone with job candidates.

Robert has written more than 5,000 resumes as a career coach. He typically spends anywhere from five to fifteen hours on writing each resume.

Robert Meier will work with candidates to assist them in finding their diamond accomplishments to highlight in the winning resume. He will spend time with each job seeking candidate who chooses to call on his proven skills to make the task of resume writing effectual and make your resume stand out in the piles of resumes. To connect with Robert, contact him at prestojob@gmail.com or get started by using one of his “career packages” (click here).

By Jane Kolar, Executive Employment Recruiter

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