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Student Sales Associate Resume

Sales Associate Resume Example

Before Sales Associate

Resume Example

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After Sales Associate

Resume Example

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What transformed their sales associate resume example to a “Top 2%” resume?

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Sales Associate Resume Example

In today’s cluttered resume environment, many people either fail to define their impacts (results they delivered) or, if they do have results, they don’t put them in context by giving the reader a reference scale in order to fully appreciate your value

When job seekers fail to define their results, they are ignored.   Put it this way, if you don’t properly uncover the results you delivered to past employers, then your value is hidden and hidden value is invisible.  Thus you are invisible to potential employers – invisible men/women don’t get called into interviews.

If we want to write a great resume that can “wow” hiring executives, we really need to consider the target audience’s perspective.

From the employer’s point of view, it is expected that at each job you held over the course of your career you will have delivered tangible value – value that can be quantified.  Let’s call this the “My Value Proposition” resume style (MVP). 


sales- associate- resume-sample-business-people


Sales Associate Resume Example

A compelling sales associate MVP resume will produce interviews as long as you reveal how you delivered results, within the context of actions you took to reach those results (i.e. the tactics and strategies you used) and the challenges that you had to overcome.

A good question at this point is, “Why do I need to define my results?”  The best answer I can give you is that results are more impressive and believable when illustrated in the right context.  If you neglect to include them, you will oftentimes fall into the “Name It-Claim It” dilemma.  Which basically means that you can claim any result you like, but most employers are highly skeptical and tend to dismiss anything that is not clear, or that is confusing or simply does not jump their skeptical hurdles.

Using the “Top 2% Resume Writing & Coaching Package” career tools show you how to mitigate the negative effect of a skeptical review and write a compelling resume.

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