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Salary Negotiations – List of Key Strategies

Overview of The FasTrack Salary Strategy   


 Salary negotiations should be the last step in the interview process.  Because it is complicated and often exasperating, it is important that you understand the mechanics of justifying your salary requirements.  To achieve success, you must prepare your strategy in advance.  Here are ten things you need to know.


  1. Your Golden Number

A number that is your ideal salary, this needs to be determined before interviewing.


  1. Your Fallback Number

A number 10-15% lower than the golden number.


  1. Your Not Less Than Number  –

Your bottom line.


  1. How to determine their Take-It-or-Leave-It Number

A number they will not increase.


                                                                 As well, you need to discern


  1. Their Chain-of-Command

Who beside the interviewer is responsible for setting the budget.


  1. How to use Hook Questions

A simple technique that allows you to probe for flexibility.


  1. Why you need to convert annual salary into dollars per hour

Simplify the negotiations – $2/hour Is $4,000 per year.


  1. How to visualize salary negotiations as a game of Hot Potato

A visual analogy explaining conversation control.


  1. How to make a Conditional Agreement

This will allow you to renegotiate later.


  1. The Right Time & The Wrong Time To Start Negotiating

The critical timing aspects of negotiations.

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