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Step 2- Secrets

Grading your resume is a key  “Must-Do” first step.

Become Invincible –

Nearly every job search can be lost by a relatively bad resume that doesn’t bait employer interest sufficiently to generate an interview.  Don’t worry about this fact, together we’ll make sure that yours is the best resume on the job market.   But to do that you need to know how good your resume is right now and for that purpose we created the resume grader.  This is an easy tool that takes minutes to use.  Grading your resume is an absolutely Must-Do first step.  It shows you where your resume is weak and also, when you work to make it better, you will score the new resume to see if you maximized your potential.  You may need to re-grade your resume a couple of times to squeeze out the most value from your academic/professional/personal background.

Dazzle Employers –

By sticking to your resume script, you affirm in a potential employer’s mind that you are as good in person as you are on paper.

Since 98% of candidates are eliminated by resume screening,  our resume grader and talent builder tools work together to make sure that your resume keeps you in the top 2% so that you win interviews and job offers.  Once your resume story is excellent, you can use our cover letter templates to create a powerful cover letter.  Then it’s off to the interview.  You will build an interview script using the Scriptor tool based on your new resume content.  By sticking to your resume script, you affirm to a potential employer that you are as good in person as you are on paper.  Few of your job seeking competitors will do this, rather they will “wing-it”, thereby confusing employers since their paper story won’t be consistent with their interview.  This will give you an advantage to jump the interview rejection hurdle that typically eliminates 4 out of 5 job seekers who reach the interview.

In A Nutshell –

When you look great on paper and confirm that great image during an interview, you will have a wonderful advantage over others seeking the same job opportunity.  Combined with the interviewing and salary negotiation tactics found on the site, it’s quite probable that you can increase the initial offer significantly, and $10,000 more earned today is worth $50,000 in five years.  Just follow the guidance in step 3 to successfully launch your professional career.  To start please click here.

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