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The Key To A Powerful Resume

targetYour value to a potential company is either hidden or revealed.  If value remains hidden, it is lost.

Proving value is related to using your resume to help internal champions in the corporation support you rather than the other candidates for the job opening.  A good value-laden resume builds cohesion with the hiring chain.  Most people don’t realize the importance of the hiring chain and the fact that many links must pull together to get you hired into a new company.

A typical hiring chain has at least five links.  One link is a headhunter, another link is the human resources manager, another link is the hiring manager who is staffing his or her department, then there is the peer evaluator (a potential team member you may work with if your hired), and finally there’s the senior manager that has to approve new head count to the payroll.  All these links must pull together and the only way they stay solidly joined is by the impression your resume makes before you ever show up to the interview.  Since each link of the chain has to evaluate many other candidates for the position, it’s easy for the professionals who are part of the chain to forget details that were revealed in the interview.


The resume becomes that black and white reference guide that substantiates your candidacy.  Let me put it another way, if I’m the headhunter who is suggesting to a company HR manager that you’re the best candidate, then I am your champion and need a document that supports my effort to champion you for the job opening.


If you give me a resume that is dull, lifeless and doesn’t highlight your impacts, results and contributions, then you are asking me to convince the human resource manager, hiring manager, senior manger, and peer evaluator to dismiss your boring resume and just believe what I tell them even though your resume lacks compelling results and doesn’t support my recommendation.  In that case, you make my job as your champion much, much harder.


Your goal is to create a resume that bonds the links of the hiring chain so that they pull together to bring you into the corporation, where the strength of the bond is created by the value of your results.

Proving value turns you into the needle in the haystack.  Your resume must reveal enough value to a potential employer that they want to pay your salary and bet their professional reputation on making you their hiring decision.

Not knowing how to compose a compelling, value-centric resume leads to career tragedy.  Since 98% of all job candidates are eliminated at the resume screening, if your value on paper isn’t strong enough to justify the hire you will be overlooked, eliminated and pushed aside.


Your resume must reveal enough value to a potential employer that they want to pay your salary and bet their professional reputation on making you their hiring decision.



Of course it’s during an interview that you land an offer, but the resume leads to the interview. The key to winning job offers is a resume that pre-sells you before you reach the interview.  To be pre-sold, you must demonstrate that you are worth many times more than the salary you’re requesting.  I call this the Meier Multiplier.


As example of the Meier Multiplier in action, consider the goal of earning an $40,000 a year salary.  In order to justify your salary, you should show that the value you will add, as indicated by contributions you have made in the past to previous employers, is worth $400,000 a year, this is a Ten-Time Meier Multiplier.

Hiring managers want to hire staff that can deliver multiples of their salary costs.

At the very least you need to show contributions that indicate a Two-Time Meier Multiplier to win employer favor.  If you solve the Meier Multiplier Rule, the hiring decision from the hiring manager’s perspective, becomes a “no-brainer”.



Let’s say you introduced a new system to share past project quotes, as one of my clients did, that is now accessible to all company employees.


You could write:

Project        Created the Knowledge Manager, a searchable database that supplies all past

project quotes to simplify the RFQ (request for quote) process.

Result          Increased closure rate on pitch-to-assignments from 10% to 22%, which grew

revenues by $450,000 – the largest year-to-date increase in company history.


Obviously adding nearly half a million to a company’s revenue stream is compelling.  To jazz up a resume you must pinpoint the results that prove you add value.  Remember, employers hire staff who make a difference to the revenue, profit and cost management goals of the company.


Employers add staff that make a difference to the company revenue & profit.


Hiring managers want to hire staff who can deliver multiples of their salary costs.  I admit that a Ten-Time Meier Multiplier is a lofty goal that is not always attained, but even if you don’t attain the ten-fold proof, you usually get close, and furthermore, if you don’t have high goals you tend to achieve mediocrity.


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